A self-taught designer with a background in graphic design and a passion for pixel-perfect design.

Work Experience

Design Lead at Muse Social Inc.

2023 — Now

UX Specialist at MeDirect Bank Malta

2022 — 2023

Graphic Design Intern at FreeHour

During my three months at FreeHour, I worked independently to design three websites, re-design their application, fully transfer all digital designs to Figma, recreate all current materials in vector format, and tend to all design-related needs. Lastly, I created tutorials on how to use Figma for the other members of the company to use after I am gone.

2022 — 2022


Design for HackSpace.mt at MCAST

MCAST HackSpace is an initiative within MCAST Applied Research & Innovation Centre (ARIC). It is operated under the Information & Communication Technology Applied Research (ICTAR) Information Security & Digital Forensics Group.

Voluntarily designed and integrated existing designs into a modern and user-friendly experience alongside a software developer.

Side Projects

App Glassification

I design unique visual concepts for apps that seamlessly integrate the translucent effect commonly seen in MacOS. By modifying various elements of the user interface, like buttons, menus, and windows, I can create a frosted glass or blurred background effect that gives the app a modern and cohesive look.

These designs are crafted with Figma, and while they’re not functional apps, they’re perfect for envisioning how an app could look and feel within the MacOS environment.



Certification List:

  • Professional Diploma in UX Design at UX Design Institute

  • O'Level in Physics - Lv 3 at L-Università ta' Malta

  • O'Level in Graphical Communication - Lv 3 at L-Università ta' Malta

  • O'Level in Information Technology - Grade 2 at L-Università ta' Malta

  • O'Level in Mathematics - Lv 3 at L-Università ta' Malta

  • O'Level in Maltese - Lv 3 at L-Università ta' Malta

  • O'Level in English Literature - Lv 3 at L-Università ta' Malta

  • O'Level in English Language - Lv 3 at L-Università ta' Malta

  • VET Higher Diploma In Design Discovery with Adobe Creative Suite at ICE Malta

  • ECDL Standard Certification - Lv 3 at ECDL Malta